D-Camps is going Digital!

D-Camps is proud to present new ways to stay connected this summer and throughout the year with the D-Camps and type 1 diabetes community. More than ever, young people and their families affected by type 1 diabetes need a sense of community. A place to gather and share their experiences, hope and knowledge with one another. 

D-Camps strive to foster lifelong connections and provide exceptional programs for families living with type 1 diabetes. It is a chance to connect virtually with fellow campers and staff and be reminded of the supportive community of peers and role models living with type 1 diabetes, along with a healthy dose of fun 





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Through Dose of D-Camps, we will:

  • Support the type 1 community through shared experiences, hope, knowledge, engagement, and skill development 

  • Provide a sense of belonging and connection 

  • Service the needs of a variety of age groups and to ensure meaningful engagement in place of a physical camp experience

  • Provide respite for parents, guardians & caregivers  

  • Provide camp families an opportunity to support Diabetes Canada and D-Camps. 

What's New

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We care about your safety

At Diabetes Canada, our priority is the safety and well-being of everyone involved in our programs. We’re proud of the respectful community that we’ve built together and will ensure this continues online. Respect is at the root of all that we do. D-Camps will continue to follow best industry practices, prioritizing safety, making sure to respect others in online spaces so that these programs are something that our entire D-Camps community can all enjoy.

What do our digital campers say?

A HUGE thank you for putting the virtual camps together. We were so happy to give Ella a chance to interact with the leaders and other T1D registrants.

Ella's Mom, Parent

The instructors are terrific and did a great job of engaging the children. Thank you again, we are so grateful for your time and creativity. See you online!

Anna Woodhouse, Parent

I was SO EXCITED to log on every day and try a different activity every day. While it is not the same as being at camp, I had so much fun.

Francine, Digital Camper

Having a little piece of camp to look forward to every day has been HUGE! Well done D-Camps!

Brooke Gilmore, Digital Camper, 11

I’m so excited to return to camp next year but it was awesome to even have a ‘dose of d-camp’ this year.” 

Chris Callaghan, Digital Camper

Not going to camp this summer has been hard on everyone and I am really grateful for the opportunity the LDP online program has provided me with. It still gave me that camp experience that I love so much.

Hayley Ford, Digital Camp Leader

She was able to connect with fellow campers as well as some of her favourite staff – THANK YOU FOR MAKING THAT POSSIBLE!

David, Rhianne's Dad

Loved every minute of the program and got to learn a lot about the leadership styles and ideas of others, but also how I can keep growing as a leader.

Tyler, D-Camps Leadership Trainee

We were super excited to get word that D-Camp was going virtual. She was motivated and looked forward to logging on daily to her Zoom sessions.

Donna, Thea's Mom